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Ché Cruise 2014 Lookbook – Danielly Silva

Thursday, November 21st 2013. | Fashion, Lingerie

Che Cruise 2014 1

Appear attractive is the desire of every opportunity to everyone, as well as when you’re enjoying a relaxing time at the beach. The selection of bikinis and for a relaxing time can be your choice to create an attractive appearance. also has some of its own designs and trends. For the year 2014, many designs were introduced, one of which is a collection of Ché Cruise who was much loved by women. Let’s look at some of Ché Cruise collection for 2014.

Che Cruise 2014 2

Ché Cruise is always an awesome display design. Lingerie designs by Ché Cruise unquestionable beauty. Diverse design with a different motif of Ché Cruise makes lingerie look unique. Just look at one of these lingerie, use blue in combination with white color, make this lingerie look bright and fun. In addition there is also the use of the color red and the other motives. Refer to only one of these lingerie, red color combined with yellow motif forms a neat, but it gives the impression of luxury and glamor. Ché Cruise really understand the desire of a woman, where the woman wants beautiful inside and out, not just outerwear made ??only interesting, but also made ??with fabulous lingerie. That way a woman would feel more confident with her ??appearance.

Che Cruise 2014 3

Che Cruise 2014 4

Che Cruise 2014 5

Che Cruise 2014 6

Che Cruise 2014 7

Che Cruise 2014 8

Che Cruise 2014 9

Che Cruise 2014 10

Che Cruise 2014 11

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